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No matter how peaceful things are most of the time, tragedy can happen at any moment. When you’re in a state of shock over what happened, and possibly even grief, you probably can’t even begin to think about how you would clean up the physical mess left behind. In many cases, you probably shouldn’t or even can’t, due to the nature of such scenes. When this happens, turn to Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup. We’re family-owned and operated, and we’ve been doing this since 2003. Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup!

Count on our insured and bonded professionals 24/7 when the unthinkable happens.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Our team of crime scene cleanup professionals in Phoenix is always standing by to bring you effective services. When tragedy happens and the police have all left, your home or business might have an eerie silence hanging in the air. That silence can be deafening, and it can only fire up the confusion you’re feeling about what to do next. Just let us know what your circumstances are, and we’ll meticulously work to restore your peace of mind. We’ll give you an estimate, answer all your questions, and show up to get to work. We’ll restore some sense of normalcy as quickly as we can when something unexpected happens.

Suicide Cleanup

Dealing with the sudden loss of someone you love is a very traumatic event in your life. Even in normal circumstances, biohazard removal from the scene of suicide isn’t something that you should do. Certified and trained professionals have the tools, equipment, and protective clothing to handle it properly. Count on our team at Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup to help you in the early hours and days of your recent loss. Once the physical scene is cleaned up properly, you’ll be in a better place to start working through your grief.

Unattended Death Cleanup! Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup

Cleaning up after an unattended death can be a complex process of remediation. Physical items that might be harmful have to be identified and removed, along with bodily fluids, blood, and other biological materials. Standard deep cleaning isn’t enough, as industry-appropriate testing technology and cleaning agents are necessary for the safety of the living. We go through multiple steps of remediation in order to ensure the health and wellness of you and anyone you live with. We also work to protect your property. Our nearly two decades of experience go a long way in fully protecting everyone involved as we go through the process of cleaning your home before disinfecting and then deodorizing it.

Homicide Cleanup – Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup

Having a homicide happen in your home or business can get a lot more complicated than suicide or unattended death. There might be more than one person involved in such an incident, and there might be property damage from altercations or weapons involved. If multiple individuals are involved, then cross-contamination is an additional risk. Rely on our ability and experience with crime scenes, many of which have been homicides, to identify the specific risks presented to your property so that we can properly remediate the scene.

Blood Cleanup – Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup

Blood cleanup can be necessary for nearly every situation we deal with. While blood can be left behind in the event of a death or serious injury, sometimes there is just blood left remaining from innocent accidents that didn’t even require emergency services. Incidents involving pets and babies that just refused to wait for a delivery room can also result in massive bloodstains that need to be cleaned up. Prompt and professional service is necessary to prevent bloodborne pathogens from spreading. Call us in as soon as you can so we can prevent your property from suffering any more than it already has.

Medical Accident Cleanup

Many people think that firefighters, police, or EMS personnel will clean up the scene after they respond to a medical accident, but nothing could be further from the truth. Exposure to chemical and biological contaminants can be a serious risk to your health even after first responders dealt with the original problem and left. If you were the one hurt, or you’re caring for the person who was, then you need someone else to handle the remediation. We’re here to help and waiting for your call.
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