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Rodent Infestation Cleanup in Phoenix, Arizona

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Rodent infestation cleanup and disinfection

Cleanliness is essential in any home, and families are highly encouraged to practice neatness all the time. Living in an unpleasant environment has many consequences, including an infestation of rodents like rats, mice, and many others. Rodent infestation might be disgusting, and so we encourage people to call our company, Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup, for raccoons and rat cleanup.

Rats carry Hantavirus

Rodents are very harmful and can cause a lot of destruction and diseases if not disinfected. Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup is dedicated and ready to assist in rat cleanup anytime you contact us. The brown type of rats is hazardous because they can spread hantavirus, which causes hantavirus disease. Our company advises individuals to take precautions in eradicating rodents, especially by doing the following:

• Practice hand hygiene.

• Ensure that there is proper disposal of waste.

• Consider the best disinfectants and know how to use them.

• Choose the most effective cleaning method for rodents’ housing environment and habitats.

Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup will follow the following procedures when cleaning up your home to reduce the risks of contracting hantavirus diseases. Before starting the rat cleanup or any other type of rodents, they ventilate first the specific space by opening the windows and doors to allow in the fresh air. Then after some minutes, they will clean up rodents’ urine and any droppings by wearing personal protective equipment. We encourage individuals to dispose of their used gloves in the garbage and wash their hands thoroughly once they are done cleaning.

Our company also uses effective disinfectants, mainly used to clean work surfaces and items that rodents might have contaminated. These disinfectants are also valuable for washing gloved hands once one is done handling the rodents and even before removing gloves. The disinfectants are also used to decontaminate the traps which might have been soiled by urine or droppings.


Rodent infestation cleanup in Phoenix
Rat infestation cleanup in Phoenix, Arizona


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