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Unattended Death Cleanup In Glendale, AZ

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Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup is always ready to help at any time in Glendale, AZ. Our local team is prepared and trained in restoring biohazard scenes to their original state after an unattended death, natural death, medical accident, suicide, or crime scene. We take our job very seriously and are always very careful to ensure everyone is safe from blood and other bodily fluids. If you need help cleaning up after a death, we are here to help you.

Human Decomposition Cleanup In Glendale, AZ 

When a person is deceased, it can also be the result of a suicide, homicide, or natural death. Even when the person that died maintains social gatherings and weekly communication with friends and family, they might not be discovered for several days if not a week or two. It is a standard procedure for police detectives to decide whether the death is from suicide, homicide, or natural death. However, no emergency responders are responsible for thoroughly cleaning up after a person is found deceased. Contacting Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup will offer immediate relief to friends and relatives of the victim by taking one burden off of their hands.

Unattended Death Cleanup Is Covered By Insurance In Glendale, AZ

Most homeowners insurance protects you from unattended deaths, suicides, homicidesmedical accidents, C diff, which is especially important in Glendale, Arizona because of the hot summer climate. Biohazard damages are covered by standard home insurance in Glendale, Arizona. However, coverage is applied in many ways, depending on where you live, your insurer, and how your policy is set up.

Unattended Deaths – Decomposition Process

Stage 1

Stage one begins instantly from the moment of death. As the heart stops beating, the body’s cells get deprived of oxygen and pH changes happen right away. The body cells slowly begin to break down, releasing enzymes that break down cells and tissues in a process known as autolysis. No signs of decomposition at this stage!

Stage 2

Stage two of human decomposition includes when you first notice signs of decay on the body, mostly around the abdomen area due to gases produced by bacteria inside the corpse. Bloating is noticed around the tongue, cheeks, and eyes as the gases cause them to bloat. The skin may show a change in color, showing a marbled appearance due to hemoglobin in the blood into other pigments.

Stage 3

This stage is where the body now deflates and internal gases are released into the air causing the foul human decomposition odor. As the body breaks down, the corpse will appear wet and the smell of human decomposition will fill the entire property. This is where bacteria sits in.

Stage 4

When this stage is reached, decomposition begins to slow down as Maggots begin to consume the body leaving skeletal remains, though some may remain in denser areas such as the abdomen.

Stage 5

The final stage of decomposition is where the corpse is all bones, some dried skin and cartilage still appear. There is no human decomposition odor at this stage. Unattended deaths can be anywhere between 2 days to months, if not years. The decomposition process is much faster in the summer months in Arizona. Outdoors will be faster as nature will consume a body right away.

Local Death Cleanup Services In Glendale, AZ

Phoenix Crime Scene Cleanup can be at your location within the hour. Most crime scene cleanup companies are nationwide and it will take them 10+ hours or more to show up on-site. We make the process very easy for our clients. We are always available 24/7 including holidays. We are fast, compassionate, and affordable. We will work with you! Call now!

Unattended death cleanup glendale, AZ
Unattended death cleanup in Glendale, Arizona